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Lizzy Paige Hair Design

Welcome Beautiful New Guests!


I look forward to starting this new journey with you! I want to make this as easy as possible for you, that is why I have broken down this process into steps. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to book your first appointment with me. If you haven't already gotten to know me from my "About Me" page, click below to redirect to that page.

New Guests: Welcome

Step 1:

Choose which service package works best for you! These service packages are designed to suit any guest's needs, read through the list to decide which one best suits you.

Step 2:

Submit your hair digital consultation form! This will help us make the most of our time in the salon for your appointment. You MUST complete the digital consultation form for your appointment to be confirmed.

Step 3:

Click any "Book Now" button to go directly to my booking site. Look for any service labelled as "New Guest" and choose the package that you decided on in Step 1! Book your appointment for the date and time that works best for you.

Step 4:

Sit back and keep an eye on your email inbox. I will reach out to you directly with details and information about your appointment to make sure your first appointment goes smoothly.

Step 5:

Show up to your first appointment and fall in love with your new salon home!

New Guests: Services
Fragile Pampas

Our New Guest Service Packages

Meeting a new stylist isn't easy. That is why we want to make it super easy for you. We have cultivated 7 easy to pick options for you to choose from for your first appointment. 
Your first appointment with us will be in-depth and will require more time & financial investment. After your first appointment, your stylist will create a custom maintenance routine for you to upkeep your new look.
Please select an option that best suits your needs and find that new guest option on my booking site. If you're not sure yet, that's okay! You can choose "Consultation" to talk more about it in person or e-mail me at so I can assist you in choosing which package will work best for you.

New Guests: Services


15-30 Minutes

This service is for anyone who:

  • Wants extensions and they need a professional opinion on type, length and density before they can invest in them

  • Is thinking about making a major color change

  • Needs a corrective color

  • Is thinking about trying out unicorn hair

  • Is just more comfortable meeting in person first to discuss further services

  • Is not sure what they are looking to have done yet and just need some guidance


Signature Blonding

4+ Hours
-Starting at $200

This package is for anyone who:

  • Is looking for a total blonde makeover

  • Wants to try out my signature "hybrid" service

  • Wants to add a substantial amount of blonde

  • Wants an extremely dimensional balayage

  • Wants cool + icey tones

  • Wants highlights and lowlights in one service

  • Need to blend previous highlights to look more natural

  • Haven't had their hair done in 5 months of more

Included in the package: high end deep conditioning treatment, haircut, blowout, style and a list of recommended products for at-home.


Adding Dimension

3+ Hours
-Starting at $180

This package is for anyone who:

  • Wants just a regular highlight or balayage

  • Is wanting to go generally lighter

  • Wants to add dimension

  • Wants to add lowlights

  • Is currently brunette, redhead, or dark blonde and is wanting to go lighter or add dimension

Included in this package: haircut, blowout, style and a list of products recommended for at-home.



2+ Hours
-Starting at $85

This package is for anyone who:

  • Has been getting their hair done somewhere else and is just looking to have their color touched up

  • Just needs their sparkles covered (greys)

  • Just wants a toner or root smudge to refresh their blonde color

Included in this package: haircut, blowout, style and a list of products recommended for at-home.


Haircut + Style

1 hour
-Starting at $35

This service is for anyone who:

  • Is just looking for a haircut

  • Just wants to schedule a haircut appointment for now, but also wants to discuss future chemical services at appointment

Included in this service: shampoo and conditioner, scalp massage, expert haircut customized to your preference, blowout and style with high quality products and hot iron


Eyelash Extensions

1-2 Hours
-Full Classic Set: $110
-Partial Classic Set: $80
-Hybrid Set: $140

- Volume Set: $170

This service is for anyone who:

  • Wants to add length and/or volume to your natural lashes

  • Wants to have the "mascara" look without having to use mascara

Included in this package: a customized shape, length, and style of eyelash extensions, a lash bath (if necessary), bonder applied for longer retention, a spoolie for brushing your extensions

Eyebrow Services

1 Hour

- Eyebrow Lamination: $55

- Eyebrow Henna Tint: $35 ($25 w/ Lamination)

- Facial/Eyebrow Wax: $10

A Full Eyebrow Treatment includes a Lamination, Tint, and Wax.


Digital Consultation Form

Please click the button below to fill out your digital consultation form. The form MUST be filled out prior to your appointment!

Our Policies

It is important to have standard policies within the salon to keep our clients and stylists safe and respected. That is why we have a few policies in which we do enforce.

While refunds are not issued at our salon, we will do redo's if a mistake is made by the stylist. If you notice a mistake has been made, you must contact your stylist within 48 hours of your initial appointment. From there, you will set up an appointment within the the next 7 days to have the mistake fixed, free of charge. Any further appointments made will be paid for by guest in full.

If you are going to be late, please let your stylist know as soon as possible. If you are more than 30 minutes late, we may not have enough time to continue with your appointment. If you know you are going to be more than 30 minutes late, please contact your stylist and let her know so she can inform you if you can continue with your appointment for that day.

If you no show to an appointment without contacting your stylist, you will be charged 25% of your appointment from that day. This charge is non-refundable and will not go towards any future appointment. Please contact your stylist if you need to cancel an appointment or are going to be late.

Food and drink that is in a container that closes or can be covered are allowed in the salon. You may also have food ordered to be delivered to the salon if you know your appointment is going to be a few hours long. Please refrain from containers that are open such as cups without a lid, or plates of food, as they can be easily split or dropped.

While guests are allowed to come with you to your appointment, if you know your appointment is going to be a couple hours long, try to come alone. Our waiting room is small and can not accompany many people for a long time. 

New Guests: Policies

Need to Cancel?

Things happen! I totally understand. Please let your stylist know 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel your appointment. If you cancel less than 48 hours in advance, a deposit will be required to book your next appointment. That deposit will go towards your next appointment. However, if you cancel your appointment again, the deposit will not be refunded.

New Guests: Cancellations
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