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Below you will find a sample of our service menu. This menu's purpose is to show you exactly how we can serve you, to help you understand what exactly you should ask your stylist for, and to help you decide what to book.

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Due to the increased prices of products and supplies, our prices will reflect a slight increase as of January 1st, 2022.

Scissor Cut

Starting at $30+

     This service is for women or men with hair longer than their ears that get their hair cut by only scissors, no clippers. This is a customizable service that is specific to the clients preference.


Clipper Cut

Starting at $15+

     This service is for men and women with hair shorter than their ear, who have their hair cut shorter by clippers. Clippers are used on sides and back, and either clippers or scissors are used on the top.


Weekly / Bi-Weekly Wash+Blowout

Starting at $20+

     This service is for clients who want their hair professionally washed and styled weekly or bi-weekly. This includes a wash, blowout, style with a hot iron, using only the best professional products. This service is perfect for clients with extensions, so that they don't have to put as much work into caring for their extensions. As well as busy clients who have a hard time finding time for themselves and want to feel pampered.


Extensions Installation

Starting at $85 Per Hour

     This service is for anyone wanting to add length and/or volume to their hair. Or even a pop of color, without having to use color or damage the hair. Choose between sew-in, tape-in and beaded extensions. 

  • A consultation is required for this service

  • Client will purchase hair on their own, or will go through the stylist who will take a deposit at the consultation appointment for the hair. There are no refunds on the deposit once the hair has been ordered, and extensions can not be sent back.

  • Client must fill out a waiver form and agree to all policies before continuing with appointment

  • Client agrees to come in for reinstallations during the recommended time frame

  • Client agrees to properly take care of  extensions, and only use professional products


Balayage / Foilyagae

Starting at $180+

     This service is for clients seeking natural looking brightness throughout their whole head, blending in with their natural hair color. Lightener is hand painted onto your hair by the stylist, who meticulously places brightness to make the most impact. A beautiful sun kissed look, with varying levels of brightness depending on preference.

  • Client should not have any previous color on their hair*

  • Client's hair should be at least shoulder length

  • Client understands this is not the right service for them if they are looking to be as blonde as possible



Starting from $190+

      This service is for clients wanting 80% - 100% blonde ends, blended up into highlights that go to the scalp and a money piece. A hybrid service is a blend between a balayage, highlights, and an italian face frame technique. Maximum brightness is focused on the ends and around the face, seamlessly blended up to the roots.

  • Client should not have any previous color on their hair*

  • Client is required to send stylist an inspiration picture to ensure this is the right service for them


Platinum Card

Starting at $210+

     This service is for anyone wanting to be all over blonde, from root to end, with no natural color left out to add dimension. This will create a solid blonde all over the head, and will require the lightener to touch the scalp. 

  • Client should not have any previous color on their hair*

  • Client understands this is the highest maintenance hair color, and will require retouches every 4-6 weeks, and toner refreshes every 2 weeks to keep blonde from getting brassy or dull

  • Client understands that they must use all professional products to keep their hair healthy and help the toner stay fresh


Full Highlight

Starting at $180+

     This service is for clients wanting maximum brightness, while still having a small amount of their natural hair color to give some dimension. This session will get you as blonde as possible while not making you one solid shade of blonde.

  • Client should not have any previous color on their hair*

  • Client understands the upkeep of this service is coming in every 5-7 weeks, and requires toner upkeep every 2-4 weeks

  • Client understands to keep their hair healthy and the toner fresh, they will need to use professional products


Partial Highlight

Starting at $140+

     This service is for clients who want to upkeep their current highlights without creating too much brightness. This is also perfect for clients who want brightness with the most dimension from their natural hair color. This service will create a beautifully blended blonde mixed with your natural color.

  • Client should not have any previous color on their hair*

  • Client understands that this style require upkeep every 6-8 weeks, and toner refresh as needed to get rid of dullness and brassiness

  • Client must use professional products only to keep the hair healthy and toner fresh


Mini Highlight

Starting at $100+

     This service is for clients looking for a minimal amount of brightness, or have never lightened their hair before and would like to try out a subtle look. This is also for teens or young adults wanting to color their hair but don't want to commit to anything drastic. This service creates a subtle amount of brightness added for a slightly different look.

  • Client should not have any previous color on their hair*

  • This look does not require a scheduled upkeep


Color Correction

Starting at $220+

     This service is for anyone with previous color on their hair that needs to be removed before applying any color or lightener. This is for anyone who has box color/lightener, Sally's color, henna, Sun-In, or permanent color on their hair. 

  • A consultation is needed before we can move forward with this service, and a clear inspiration end result must be shown. Several session will most likely be needed to achieve the end result, and client should prepare for the "in-between" stages.

  • A text strand will be required at the consultation

  • Client must read and agree to all policies, as well as sign a waiver before we can continue with this service, to ensure the health and integrity of the hair 


Double Process Color

Starting at $200+

     This service is for clients who have darker hair and their desired color is a lighter shade or a fashion color. This first process is lightening the hair to the correct level, and depositing the desired color over that lightened hair. This creates the perfect base for any fashion color, and natural color.

  • If client has a previous color on their hair, ending color is not guaranteed

  • Since the hair is being lightened, professional products must be used to ensure the health of the hair, and to prevent fading 


Single Process Color

Starting at $100+

     This service is for clients looking to change their hair color without lightening it. Client must have light enough hair to apply desired color or vivid color. Color will go directly over natural or existing color without having to lighten it. 

  • Client understands that if desired color is lighter than current shade of hair, we will have to switch to a double process, and lighten the hair first


Reverse Balayage / Lowlights

Starting at $100+

     This service is for clients looking to bring down their natural darkness and blend it with their lightened hair. Reverse balayage is painting some hair from the root to mid-lengths, leaving most of the blonde at the bottom, but blending it up into a dimensional blonde at the top. Lowlights are scattered throughout the hair to give a dimensional blonde all over the head.

  • Client must have lighter hair and want to add more dimension or depth to their blonde


Back To Brunette

Starting at $160+

     This service is for blondes looking to go more than 2 shades darker and clients wanting to go back to their natural shade. A filler of natural underlying pigment is applied, then the desired shade is applied over the filler. A filler is necessary to prevent fading and ensure a natural looking color.

  • Color applied to lighter hair without a filler is not recommended, and is not offered as a service


Sparkle Coverage

Starting at $100+

     This service is for clients wishing to cover their natural sparkles (greys). We can create a seamless blend of your natural color, while covering your grey hair. This service also includes refreshing the ends if needed


Toner Refresh

Starting at $40+

     This service is for clients with lightened hair who want to keep their color fresh, and prevent dullness and/or brassiness. This is also good for clients wishing to shift the tone of their hair to a slightly different shade, but not commit to it long term.

  • Clients with lightened hair are urged to keep up on their toner refreshes as recommended by their stylist, especially full highlights, balayages, and platinum cards 



Starting at $20 - $40

     This is an add on to either a chemical service or a stand alone conditioning treatment. As a chemical add on, it helps prevent damage caused by chemicals, and repairs broken bonds in the hair at the same time. As just a conditioning treatment is conditions the hair and repairs broken bonds, leaving the hair smooth and shiny. 

  • This is recommended for all lightening services, and for anyone who has had their hair previously lightened.


K-18 Treatment

Starting at $20 - $40

     This is an add on service that can be added to any chemical service or a stand alone treatment. The chemical service add on repairs the strength and elasticity of the hair to its natural state, while protecting the hair from damage. The stand alone treatment also repairs the hair's natural strength and elasticity, leaving the hair feeling smooth and shiny.

  • K-18 uses science to completely restore the hair to its natural strength and elasticity through repairing polypeptide bonds


Exclusive Conditioning Treatment

Starting at $30+

     This service is constantly changing as seasons and holidays roll around. This deep conditioning treatment leaves your hair feeling soft, smooth and smelling like the current time of year.

  • Fall: Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cider

  • Winter: Pine Trees and Sugar Cookies 

  • Spring: Tulips and other flowers 

  • Summer: Oranges and Sunshine

  • Scents are constantly changing, above are just eamples of what they could be.


Sensitive Scalp Antidote

Starting at $25+

      This is and add on to any chemical service. This is for any client who has had any sensitivity to previous coloring or chemical services, such as itchiness, burning, tingling, redness or uncomfort. This additive is a solution for any sensitivity you have experienced in the past. 

  • Please inform your stylist if you have any scalp sensitivity prior to your appointment, and exactly what you have experienced before


Updo / Event Styling

Starting at $50+
Add $25+ for Wash+Blowout

     This service is for anyone looking to have their hair professionally styling and pinned up with either braids or twists by bobby pins. This service results in an elegant style for any event.

  • Client should come in with clean hair, if a wash and blowout is needed, add $25+

  • Clients hair should be at least shoulder length to pin up for an updo

  • Client must provide any accessories, as the stylist will not have any available other than what can be purchased in the Boutique


*If you have previous color on your hair, please contact your stylist and inform her, as your service may become a color correction